Metabolic Research Center, A Weight Loss Leader, Hires Dr . Harry Griffiths, M.D. To The Medical Advice Board

October 29th, 2012

Dr. Griffiths will direct a retrospective study of Metabolic Research clients and weight loss over the past 3 years. The team will be judging outcomes, biometrics, and numerous info points gathered from customer participation in MRC weight reduction programs. Additionally, Dr. Griffiths’ team will be outlining possible clinical trials for further research in the coming months. Griffiths to a leading team of clinical analysts. . Metabolic Research maintains the best quality of products and programs developed from leading scientific research.

Using this info permits MRC to help folks maintain a healthy weight. Metabolic Research Center’s products (nutraceuticals, herbs and additions) were designed after reviewing years of research. The weight reduction programs and healthy way of life education from MRC helps people bring mind, body and spirit into balance. About Dr. Harry Griffiths : Dr. Griffiths is an internationally famous musculoskeletal radiologist who has decided to join the Metabolic Research team to provide experience and knowledge in muscle dynamics and weight loss. Doctor Griffiths has spent many years researching the link between weight reduction and muscle regeneration.

His experience in weight loss, hormone imbalance and muscle regeneration will add enormously to Metabolic Research Center’s systematic research programs. About Metabolic Research Centres : MRC is a holistic weight management and life management programme with seventy five locations in 19 states. Developed by board certificated physicians and registered diet therapists, MRC programs are nutritionally sound, research based and designed for long-term weight-loss success.

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