Kettlebells Coach Lorna Kleidman Reacts To Weightloss Study Dictating The Effectiveness Of Group Programs

October 30th, 2012

Individuals in the pro counselling program experienced a standard weight control of less than twelve pounds,” reports Voxxi. Lorna Kleidman, the most decorated kettlebell sportsman in the country, applauds the study for its efficiency. “Losing weight is a goal for many people that have a high health danger. Working in groups gives those with health concerns the encouragement needed to reach their targets and become champs in their own hearts,” comments Kleidman.

“Eating right and exercising are major parts of weight loss but having group support can make all the difference.”. Lorna Kleidman is a Three-Time World Champ and World Record holder in kettlebell sport and the most decorated kettlebell athlete in the country. She created the unique strategies used in KettleX as a way to bring the advantages of the bells to everyone in a straightforward to use, comprehensible and fun format. Lorna has been teaching people and group classes for the last six years.

5 Responses to “Kettlebells Coach Lorna Kleidman Reacts To Weightloss Study Dictating The Effectiveness Of Group Programs”

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  2. Jon Webb says:

    When you get break one habit or conquer that first hill It’s Amazing how empowering it is.

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  5. amysway says:

    You do not have to run a marathon, but walking is a great form of exercising and does not cost anything.

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