KitchenStir Says Simple To Use Automated Cooking And Healthy Weight Control Recipe Campaign

April 27th, 2012

KitchenStir Combines Fun and Healthy by Making Cooking as Easy as a Flip of a Switch. To better understand the recipe preferences of its consumers, KitchenStir(TM) declared an open forum to ask special recipes for every day home cooking. To contribute your ideas and recipes please email : recipes_at_KitchenStir For customer appreciation, please request a 25 percent off coupon that will be emailed to recipe or concept contributors. “We truly value the feedback offered by customers to improve our recipes and special uses. Many have revealed that life in the kitchen is much easier with stir cooking appliances that Mix and Cook. Recipe development feedback helps us improve recipes related to our present appliance line and apply these insights to our future innovations,” Jeffrey Vicars, Chief Executive and CEO for KitchenStir(TM), asserted. “We’ve enjoyed amazing response from satisfied clients in America and Canada that made contact with us with their cooking tips and healthy weight management concepts.

We make intermittent and constant stirring as straightforward as a flip of a switch. We perform incredibly for many varieties of ethnic cooking, quality popcorn, sauces, soups, all kinds of fresh vegetarian stir-fry.. We add excitement to the menu!” “We enjoy providing remarkable service to highly esteemed varsities and establishments, pros, every day cooks, and noobs. We'd like phenomenal service to go with our life changing products,” co-founder Jeffrey Vicars announced. Cooking technology in the Chef Stir Pan line by KitchenStir allows for closed lid and centered heating to quietly sauteacute, stir-fry, cook, melt, or caramelize with intermittent or continual stirring. These unique features reduce fume emissions, heat loss and manual labor.

The stir-cook mix in one robust appliance is easy to operate and supports a broad menu. About KitchenStir KitchenStir(TM) develops patented appliances that blend stirring with cooking, or heating with mixing for its own brand and approved products. KitchenStir brand appliances include the Chef Stir Pan and low temperature differences. KitchenStir(TM) technology unites cooking and mixing in the Cuisinartreg ; Soup Maker and Blender to uniquely perform as both a cooker and blender. KitchenStir(TM) also works alongside the accomplished cooks and product developers at Wolfgang Puck(TM) Appliances and top brands across the world.

5 Responses to “KitchenStir Says Simple To Use Automated Cooking And Healthy Weight Control Recipe Campaign”

  1. Y WYDDFA says:

    Ensure you get enough calories : Most diets are not made for the really overweight folks in mind.

  2. They think that particular foodstuffs and herbs are far more effective than others to boost digestion.

  3. Jalen Owens says:

    While it's right that the commonest characteristic of someone who is ageing is the appearance of detectable wrinkles it's also correct that this isn't the sole characteristic that outlines ageing, cardiac failure, loss of memory and cancer are also some of the consequences of ageing. Anti aging process and weightloss benefits are some of the most evident benefits that and Acai diet can offer to folks who choose to start to use such programme.

    One vital principle associated to this diet is the decrease of the presumption of products which are high in sugars, trans fat and other unhealthy substances that can accelerate growing older, again this does not imply that folk won't be eating, to the contrary, those that begin to use the Acai diet will eat more frequently BUT in a rather more healthy fashion.

  4. jpisham says:

    This includes medicines for weight control, medicines for cleaning, and medicines for all types of medical health.

  5. Aedan Casey says:

    You may have fish without garnish or a 100-gram reduced fat protein with enormous amount of non-sweet fruits. You need to also make absolutely sure to drink as lots of water as you can during the day.

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