Heart Consultant Creates Unique Weight Management Product Scientifically Proven To Help Users Lose Thirty Pounds In 90 Days

April 29th, 2012

Renaissance Health Publishing has made public a fun addition to its line of physician-developed natural products. Thinner-UTM is a healthy, safe formulation that's scientifically proven to help users lose thirty pounds in 90 days. Thinner-U was investigated and developed by William S. Gruss, MD, an internist and heart specialist who focuses on cardiac care for patients who suffer from chronic heart issues, high cholesterol and blood pressure and blood sugar issues.

Doctor Gruss is Board Certified in Internal Medication and treats usually patients who are over age 50 at his personal practice in Boca Raton, Florida. His a student of the University of Maryland Medical College and did his residency and Fellowship in cardiology at the illustrious Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Miami. “Thinner-U has been developed as the results of my exhaustive research into weight loss,” says Gruss. “I'm sure that the proper nutrient elements combined with a good way of living can help folks hit their weight loss goals, live longer and live life to the fullest well into the 80s or 90s.”. Thinner-U’s doctor-recommended formulation contains a singular combination of ingredients to help users safely and effectively lose weight while also supporting their overall health, including :.

  • A rare green tea compound – Full Clinical Dosage of 300mg daily.

    This compound has been proven in a double-blind systematic medical trial to cut cholesterol and triglycerides, shrink the waist, and drop thirty pounds in ninety days for those on a normal weight loss diet.

  • Exclusive formula – 950mg NAC – Super antioxidant detoxification ingredient. NAC triggers the production of the super antioxidant glutathione that sweeps fat-causing poisons out of the body.
  • Ashwaganda – The most highly valued Indian herb for total health and longevity.
  • Gymnema sylvestre -This traditional Indian herb is a blood sugar buster so helping fight fat increase in your cells.

Thinner-U contains an unconditional 60-day refund.

For more in-depth information, visit thinner-u. About Renaissance Health Publishing. RHP has commitment to research and to developing a growing portfolio of best-in-class physician-developed natural products designed to provide our consumers with a better and longer life. RHP’s Physician Consulting Board is lead by Doctor William S. RHP uses the best quality and concentration of potent ingredients to create products that are naturally safe and demonstrated to be effective. As a socially-responsible company, RHP does not perform any vivisection in any of its research and development.

RHP is proud to offer some of the best-known and most highly regarded products on the market. You'll recognise some of our top products as Revatrol(TM), Prosentials(TM), Isoprex(TM), T-Boost(TM), and Priozil(TM).

4 Responses to “Heart Consultant Creates Unique Weight Management Product Scientifically Proven To Help Users Lose Thirty Pounds In 90 Days”

  1. Adam says:

    Yes, you burn energy when you workout, but even after the workout, your body would continue to use more calories at rest than if you had been lazing around all of the time.

  2. Giovani says:

    Fight the urge to overdo your first workouts. Think about when you are best.

    If you’re a night owl, you should consider working out at night. You might realize that you are one of the people that make yourself tired enough with a night workout to sleep like a baby.

  3. allsky108 says:

    Carbs are first to be used followed by stored fats and then protein is broken down to generate energy. It is just when the glucose sugar levels are burned out the body will turn to fats for fuel. Ally this with a nutritious and healthy weight loss plan and see the advantages.

  4. Jackson says:

    Find an exercise bike you'll enjoy riding. You just need to get on and do something each day.

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